Consultancy for Technical Channels

Consultancy for Technical Channels

NPC Technical consulting is an initiative to strengthen the relationship with our customers technical channels, offering support and technical training in production processes, seeking profit optimization, reduction of costs and quality of products.

Technical Questions

If you, the customer, have any questions or need any information about our products, please contact the NPC call center. Your requests will be answered by our expert consultants via phone or e-mail.

+2731 450 4599

Technical Visits

Request a visit from our expert consultants, who will be happy to explain to you our production process, as well as the chemical, physical and mechanical characteristics of our cements.

Consultancy for Technical Channels

Another initiative aimed to strengthen the relationship with customers. An area of development to assist in the optimization of industry processes and, thus, contribute to the improvement of products, services and cost reduction.

Every time the customer requires support to develop cement-based products, you can rely on the professionalism of the technical advice from NPC. After the visit, the customer will receive a consultancy report with suggestions for improvements (type of household, size studies, suggested equipment and materials etc).