Products and Services

Products and Services

NPC is the original manufacturer and distributor of Cement, Concrete and Aggregate products to the hardware retail, ready-mix, concrete product and construction industries of the East Coast of South Africa.

Capacity and convenience are key elements to our success and we have built our business around serving our clients:

Cement plants – Durban, Newcastle and Port Shepstone

Concrete plants – South Coast, North Coast, Central Durban and Highway Area

Aggregate plants – South Coast and Durban Highway Area

Manufacturing and distributing high quality products, which conform to the highest industry standards, are not the only things we’re passionate about.

NPC has a long-standing commitment to communities residing near its operations, and exercises sustainable business practices in the fields of education, housing, environmental and small business development.


NPC cements are a perfect fit for your construction. There are products for every application

Concrete and Aggregates

NPC is synonomous for quality, from the beginning of its production until the moment of delivery in your construction